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bluekemuri24 asked: Why do people get motion sickness?

In the course of evolution, the human body has developed  a system (composed of vestibular system in the inner ear, visual system, sensory receptors in the joints, muscles, and spine) responsible for orientation and balance that is adapted to manage motion variations typical of a two-legged animal with our features.

Motion sickness problem has arisen with modern transport because they can generate accelerative forces outside of the normal range for which our sensory systems were calibrated. So, it’s a physiological response and it happens when the central nervous system receives conflicting information from vestibular system , eyes, and sensory receptors.

Simply put,  the fluids of the inner ear moves with the vehicle, but the brain doesn’t recognize this movement, on the contrary,  perceives this stimulus as an error, causing the typical symptoms of motion sickness.

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