Science Junkie

Frequently asked questions

Who are you?

"I’m nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody, too?"

But, if you insist, my name is Elisa and I was born in Italy where I still live.  My favorite science subject is biology, my least favorite is chemistry. No offense intended, dear chemists, it’s sad, but true. Although, Sam Kean’s ‘The Disappearing Spoon' is one of my favorite books.
You can also find me here, but if you speak to me through that amorphous thing, it’s very likely that I’ll answer in Italian (or that I won’t answer at all).

Do you believe in God?
I’m a bit skeptical about his/her/its existence.

I follow you, follow me back?
Thank you very much. It depends, if 99% of your posts are about science —and some of them are original— is very likely, otherwise no because I don’t want to overflow my dash.

Can you do a shout out for my blog?
No, I can’t. Please, deal with it.

Why don’t you reblog my posts?
The reasons are obviously many. Only one is important: It’s extremely rare (if not impossible) for me to reblog posts without proper sources. Of course this also applies to submitted posts.

Why don’t you answer my questions?
Sorry guys, I’m not here to answer questions. I’m here to get high on science — like a good junkie — and share it with others. If a question strikes my attention or arouses my curiosity I’ll find an answer to the best of my ability, otherwise not. Most likely I’ll ignore all those questions for which it’s sufficient a quick search on my FAQs page or Google to get an answer.

How come that i can’t find anything with the search option?
Welcome to Tumblr. If you have any appropriate html code to replace the default one let me know, in the meantime, I suggest you use Google. Write science-junkie and your keywords, this method should be more accurate but, remember, I’m only on Tumblr.